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Balls: The Podcast is a podcast about all things LGBT+ within football. Ultimately we are trying to do our bit to make football inclusive for all including LGBT+ fans and players alike; which can often be a difficult topic of discussion.

If you would like your voice to be heard - feel free to get in touch below!

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CONNOR MOSELEY @connormoseley

Connor is a radio presenter and has been heard on The Hits and Signal 1 radio stations. He is currently on a mission to visit all 92 football teams in the top four leagues in England. Surprisingly, he's over halfway!

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MASON JORDAN @immasonjordan

Mason is also a radio presenter and voice over artist from Portsmouth and has his own radio show on Express FM in Portsmouth. He is an amateur when it comes to football and you can count the football games he's been to on one hand!


Whether its a question or you've got some LGBTQ+ or football news to tell us or even want to be on the podcast, get in touch with us on our social media or using the form below! We will try get back to you ASAP (when we've stopped watching the football that is!)

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